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Report - Becket Upper School, Nottingham - Oct 2010


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I'd spent the day around Greater Nottingham chasing up leads and failing to get anyway, then again Nottingham has historically failed to deliver despite promising much... if you ever feel the need to visit the East Midlands, I suggest you visit Derbyshire instead :rolleyes: In the end I got in touch with the Jesus of Raptors and headed over the Trent to the slightly posher bit of the city and to nosey at an abandoned school, namely the Becket Upper School.

The Becket School is a Roman Catholic School, originally established in 1929 as Becket Grammar School, in 1975 it merged with the nearby Corpus Christi Grammar School. Becket Upper School as the name suggested was home to the older students, Year 11's as well as Sixth Formers from the few scraps of information left within the premises. As with many schools across the country, The Becket had invested heavily in new buildings in the last few years, which merged all three campus's together on a new site.

Bit of an odd school really, my experience of secondary school was a large and rather overcrowded affair, where as the Upper Site of The Beckett was no bigger then my Infant School, from what I could tell it was a bit of a mishmash of 19th century properties linked together with a 1930s building, sadly its been a bit trashed, but there's a few "schooly" bits left...








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