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Report - Beddgelert ROC Post Snowdonia


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Visited this post last week while on a trip to Snowdonia. This is the second ROC post I have come across by chance while hiking! After already looking at other posts I had seen that it was flooded, and still is, but is in quite good condition inside even with a foot and a half of water still down there!


Interestingly with this post I found that it had been fitted with a galvanised version of one of the standard hatch designs, same frame, but better hatch. Also the vent louvers are a metal version of the 1960's wooden louvers which also seem to be original. I'm guessing like with the Scottish highlands posts it was an upgrade due to the wetter climate. All the parts appear to still be in a serviceable condition over 40 years later!


From what I can see the flooding is due to the hatch being fitted in a way that prevents one of the hatch frames gutter drainage holes from being able to be used, possibly to make it easier to change the film in the camera that would have been mounted next to it. And that and the other being blocked has been causing water to pour in each time it rains hard enough on the hatch. Shame really, this post would have been in good condition and still with all its original parts!

Also took a picture of this interesting cloud hovering above Snowdons summit!



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