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Report - Beelitz Heilstatten, Berlin 10/2015

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Had a trip back in Oct planned for Berlin, initially solo, but mate ended up coming with me. However, after a rather heavy night on the German falling down water, he was feeling too rough to attempt the journey, so, it turned into a solo visit after all, even if I was feeling rough as too, I was here to see Beelitz!. Beelitz had been on my hit list for many years & it was a bit of an anti-climax tbh!
An hours journey via the very efficient German under ground & trains & I'm on my way. The train station is like 2 mins walk from your first buildings & as big as Beelitz is, it was nice to see some of the dozen or so I managed to get into. Set in acres of woodland & on a nice Oct morning, the first building I cam across looked in terrible condition, so much so, I left it til last & ventured further into the woods. Seeing a chimney in amongst the tree's I head towards it. A cool looking tower & buildings next to it-which turned out to be some sort of visitors centre thing, I wandered round the corner to be confronted to about 5/6 people, all doing the same thing, exploring. I greeted them good morning & carried on, towards the building with the chimney, found an open door & in, followed by a German woman, who was too 'frightened' to go in on her own, aww, bless her!
Few images in there & off to the next building, only to hear voices coming from above, Venturing up, it seemed to be a family outing, taking pics, walking about, this place really is a tourist spot, as I'd previously been told. As you can imagine, place is bare to the bones, only one building I found had some machinery in. Bumped into a few German guys doing a 'fashion photoshoot', with a ton of equipment, great guys to talk too, who ever you were & very surprised to see an English explorer there. lol.
After a few good hours plodding round buildings, fighting brambles & nettles, I came to a massive building & thought 'YES! That's what I've come to see'! One thing, fencing! Not a problem, a few explorers on the 'inside' pointed to a gap in the fence, so, bingo! I spotted an entrance point, bit of a climb, but hey! What I didn't spot til the last second was the German security guard!!! BOLLOCKS! Apparently there was a film crew there either film or tv, who knows? Spouting something in German, he escorted us out where we'd come in, then radio'd his mate, at which point the fixed the fence, then drove off. I waited for a bit, out of sight, but they patrolled again, so kinds ballsed that plan! GUTTED! Anyway, back to the other buildings & after about 6 hours & running out of food, energy drinks & my hangover coming back for another go, I was knackered! Got to the train station & train was already in, sweet! Beelitz, done....maybe round 2, for the other buildings, who knows?
















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Nice little selection mate you seem to have covered a similar route to us and probably bumped into as many people.the better parts are a bit further away from the train station but you have got some nice shots if the bits you saw

the darkside

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Thanks wevsky, yeah, there's little tracks/paths that go through it, i just stumbled through some of the off beaten ones. just wish I wasn't hanging from the night before & went over to the opposite side of the station, saw the buildings up that way.
mattdonut, nar mate, didn't see the converted parts, place is massive, as you guys well know. Maybe I will try a re-visit soon, as I had a list of about 20 places to visit in total, only went to Beelitz though. Thanks for both your kind words, appreciated.
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