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Before going to explore Greater Manchester


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28DL Full Member
Hi o/ everyone,

I am 23, french, new in Manchester and here for six month minimum.
I am currently exploring the city and its old warehouses and industrial buildings. I didn't know Manchester before, but I am not disappointed at all. I am into urban exploration through other stuffs like photography, climbing or graffiti, but I would like to go more in depth with urbex, and to come across beautiful hidden places in Manchester. I like the light there is in the city, which is suitable for photographs.

I like photography and art in general, and think industrial landscapes are great inspiration sources.
My camera is a Lumix DMC-TZ5, it is not a professional equipment but fits well for exploration and allows me to take fairly good pictures.

Would be happy to discuss and share with the members of the forum and why not to meet some during explorations.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Here is a duck picture I shot in the canal next to Castlefield.


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Welcome to 28DL, there's plenty above and below ground to keep you busy for 6 months plus :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Thanks, for welcome.
@stranton: I think graffiti is a part of urban exploration. There is a large variety in the graffiti scene. Don't worry I do not plan to paint on a perfectly preserved old church, but in a empty abandoned mere warehouse, where there are plenty of paintings, why not ?


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Bonjour. Manchester has a lot to offer in what you are looking for. There are some nice legal walls to paint too if you don’t mind that. Lots of climbing walls in old mills a massive one in Stockport. Hope to see some reports soon.


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28DL Full Member
Welcome along, I've added you to he Manc social group which will help you to meet up with like minded people :thumb
please could you add me to the Manchester group as well.
I am looking for someone to explore the Manchester with and get some great pictures of some abandoned buildings.

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