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Report - Belfast City Mortuary, Northern Ireland - Aug 2018


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I visited this site in February this year after previously being unable to gain entry. I have heard and read accounts of other explorers gaining entry in the years previous when it was in immaculate condition; it then appears after an attempted arson attack the building along with the neighbouring hospital were extremely well secured with steel plates and an unhealthy amount of anti-vandal paint at the beginning of 2017. The building then remained untouched for a year until we gained entry but as expected it has become well secured once more with regular security patrols and a fresh coat of anti vandal paint. Unfortunately in the months after our visit, the local glue bags who trashed the hospital also forced entry to the morgue and destroyed the place even further. All the windows are now smashed and most of the contents are now lying outside the building, apart from the morgue tables themselves which fortunately they were unable to rip out of the ground (as of yet).

I believe the mortuary shut at 2pm on Sunday 27th July 2008. From then on all 'admissions' were then transferred to the NI Regional Forensics mortuary in the Royal Hospitals Complex (information gathered from a rather conveniently placed closure notice inside :p). The Forster Green hospital site still remains an interesting visit in terms of its history and architecture, but good luck with getting inside any of the buildings- I was still finding anti vandal paint weeks after our visit :oops:. TopNotchExploration has stuck up a report already on our visit to the hospital itself.



Some of the fridges













Of course we tried some on :rolleyes:



A rather questionable looking stain :oops:



Apologies for the photo quality again, thanks for looking!
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