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Report - Belstone Bunker, Dartmoor, May 2021


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Hidden on the edge of Dartmoor near a village called Belstone is an underground bunker that has been unused for decades. The bunker near Okehampton used to be a water treatment works, however it hasn't been used for many years. The former treatment plant was originally owned by South West Water, and then bought by South Devon architect Neil Worrell - who originally planned to use it as a hostel or a mausoleum. However, he decided to auction the bunker off in 2018, which is when Ashes To Dartmoor bought it. The site was sold for £28,000, according to Auction House.
The property is two huge underground storage tanks and works which were used for storing water off the moor and filtering it to make it safe for human consumption.
It is over 100ft long and 20ft wide and has numerous skylights from when the facility was used to extract the radon gas from the water.

Our visit: We weren't even sure what this was when we went over. We were told it was a fallout shelter. The walk to the building was easy and quite fun. We found a HUGE grass snake which I was very excited about! There are many hatches all over the ground. Most are locked but a few were open. The inside of the building is lit up by sunlight shining through the glass skylights which lets plants grow in abundance. Its a very aesthetically pleasing location with all the green and light rays. There is a lot of old machinery left behind, pumps and things. An entire room filled with odd round objects. Maybe for water filtering? I don't know much about water treatment but it was still a really cool place to look around!






Found evidence of previous explorers.

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