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28DL and UE in the News Belvoir Park Hospital, Belfast, BBC 19 June 2012

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Not a '28DL in the news' as such - but those that have been here a while will remember the news-fest that surrounded all the stuff that was left behind at Belvoir in Belfast.

Indeed, if I remember rightly there were all sorts of threats made by the Trust to get the pics removed from here - although very little effort actually made in moving the notes/xrays

Well it's come back to bite the Health Trust -

The Belfast Health Trust has been fined £225,000 after thousands of patient records were found abandoned in a disused hospital.

The Information Commission imposed the fine because the trust failed to secure confidential files at Belvoir Park Hospital, which closed in 2006
Interesting article - apparently people were stealing records and putting them on the web to sell (were they bollocks!)

Full article HERE


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I was over in NI last september. I bitterly regret not paying a visit to this, and other things. Oh well, it's only an hour's flight away. Must go back.
Northern Ireland is beautiful, it must be said.
The place is on serious lockdown nowadays, sword security have 24/7 surveillance setup.

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I love it when they need to add a selling point to the report. Who in any form of sanity would buy an X-Ray off Ebay? :crazy
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