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Report - Beneficial Building, Birmingham - January 2010


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The Beneficial Building is a 7 storey office block on the corner of Paradise Circus, but don't let the name fool you as there's no pearly gates here.

My original plan for the evening was to meet up with Bubblehead, God and Raddog to pay a local building a visit which we've been frequenting recently. However, I was then tempted away to a party at work, where I was feasted with free food, drink, and views ;) So I made a rain check on our earlier agreed explore.

Skip ahead a few hours and as I leave the party I'm greeted with the news that the other 3 have gone home. So, with a camera in one hand, and a hog roast bap in the other I set off towards the building... I take the suspicious look to see if anyone's around, and head up.

I don't really know what I was expecting from a 7 storey building, but the 3 words I mustered once I reached the top were "Is this it?"

The building is currently undergoing renovation and refurbishment, and all the upper levels are unoccupied. The ground level houses such delights as Snobs nightclub, and Top Nosh take-away amongst a couple of restaurants.

Obligatory post-explore external. I got rained on at the top, and without anything dry to wipe the lens I had to make do with haze.


Suffolk Street Queensway and OH HAI Mailbox.


Town Hall and Chamberlain Square.


Alpha Tower and Centenary Square.




Centre of town, New Street Station and a bottle of water.


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