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Report - Bennetston Hall Derbyshire Jan 2016


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Was out mooching about in the snow and stumbled upon this place up on the hillside, always having a torch and my camera with me we decided to have a nosey.

Hardly the best, but a nice old building with its own lake! Looks like it's been mothballed to be dome up to whatever whoever buys it wants it for.

History taken from a website dedicated to the place.

Bennetston Hall was built in the late Nineteenth Century by local doctor and property speculator Robert Ottiwell Gifford Bennett MD (1834 – 1902) although Bennett himself is not thought to have lived there.
Robert Bennett MD was a prominent local doctor who also gave his name to Buxton’s Bennett Street. Bennett was an ancestor of the Rev. J. Bennett, founder of the Methodist Society and associate of the Rev. John Wesley, founder of Wesleyan Methodism.

The Hall was originally the home of the writer Mrs Coddington, a descendant of William Coddington, the 17th Century governor of Rhode Island and founder of Newport, Rhode Island. The Coddington family lived in Bennetston Hall for many years until circa 1920. A notable descendent of the Derbyshire Coddington family is the celebrated Grace Coddington, former model and the creative director of American Vogue magazine.

In the 1930′s this substantial property was acquired by the YHA and became a Youth Hostel. Since the Second World War Bennetston Hall has been at various times over the years a private dwelling, a nightclub and a hotel.

for more info and pics visit http://www.bennetstonhall.com/

onto my pics, as said its stripped out and it was snowing so there wasn't too much to take photos of and outside i didn't want my camera getting soaked.
















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the pics are bit dark because it was dark, im not into pictures looking nothing like what it was like. unless its my screen brightness can see them fine?


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fantastic pics, love the 2nd one! is that car headlights you captured in distance on long exposure?


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Great pics .Drive past it everyday and always wonder what it's like inside . Is the house next door empty ?


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Great pics .Drive past it everyday and always wonder what it's like inside . Is the house next door empty ?
If you click on the link it tells you about the outhouse stable bit its been converted and had lights etc on inside so im guessing that is lived in, but the gate and the driveway said otherwise? Not too sure tbh.


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I have been fascinated with this house since I was a child and always thought it was haunted! It seems to have a string of disasters attached to it, it was devastated by fire when it was a hotel and the former owner fell off the roof and died after being threatened with eviction, its been fully restored on the outside but it seems nobody wants to live there! Id love to go inside it looks fantastic

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