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Lead or Rumour info - Bentley Priory Tunnel


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Hi there ....and go easy on a new bloke.
I had a wander around Bentley Priory the other day with my girlfriend who has lived in the area for years. I was eyeing an odd looking drain lid when she told me to look through one of the holes. Below that lid were the rungs of a ladder and , about 3 or 4 feet down at a guess another lid. Shining through the holes in this was a fairly bright light. I tried to take a pic but to be honest , it came out a bit shite. What did I expect .. phone camera through a small hole...... hey ho.
She has seen the light shining out previously ( before the lower lid ) and heard stories of tunnels to central London , Northolt etc.
I had a look on the Bentley Priory website and it says ..... absolutely no tunnels. Might be a bit more believable if they remember to turn the lights off.
I have had a passing interest in underground stuff for years and have nosed around 28dl as a visitor. This has inspired me to join. Not cause I am going digging...lol...I am too old and knackered. Just thought it might be of interest to someone.

Cheers to all.
Matt. :D

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I'll tell you one thing with 100% certainty.

There isn't a 10 mile long tunnel to Northolt or a 20 mile tunnel into central London.