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Report - Bere Alston ROC Post - Devonshire Group - Nov '09


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This post has been partially DEMOLISHED. (Underground features remain).

SubBrit report here.
I feel SubBrit's photo really captured what life in Bere Alston was like. Mullets and Metallica ;)

The site of Bere Alston ROC Post

The Post would've served the lower Tamar Valley and the northern fringes of Plymouth city. Situated in a commanding position atop a field between Bere Alston and Bere Ferrers.

I asked about the post in at the farm nearby. The Farmer regrets demolishing the post, but needed the land to maximise his growing area.
The monitoring room still exists below ground, but all of the surface features were broken up and dumped down the shaft.

The Telegraph Pole that served the post stands nearby, and small pieces of green painted concrete lie amongst the plants and soil.
Unfortunately, no features of the compound remain.

Upon first inspection of the site, I was greeted by that I thought might be an Aircraft Post. (Top right of image). Alas, it was just an above ground reservoir which was constructed 2 years before the stand-down.

From comparisons between my photo and SubBrit's, as well as the location of the Telegraph Pole and scattered Concrete remains; I have generated this plan of it's approximate location:
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Iv visited many "demolished" sites myself and have been thinking the surface parts alone would have been removed from most of them and the monitoring room still be intact below the surface.