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Nowhere Man

Hi I am a new member and have been on a number of outings with Urban mainly round the north west.

This is my first post and wanted to start with recent explore I did on my honeymoon in Seychelles.

This was a quick jaunt as I was in a foreign country and on my own so a bit jumpy so did not hang around for very long and did not know how stringent the laws were on trespassing!

This was a hotel that was located on the West Coast of the Island of Mahe in the Seychelles Archipelago called the Mahe Beach Resort and was built in 1975 (back then it must have been the only hotel on the west side of the island.) It is typical of its era a huge, environmentally unaware mass of concrete with 173 rooms, pool (boasted as the biggest on the island) and club. As well as expansive gardens, private beach and some rare Aldabra tortoises held in captivity (I have to report that these fantastic animals have been left to fend for themselves in their pen since the hotel closure and possibly only cared for by locals). I was advised by a local that these animals where in the hotel gardens and not really known about by tourists so went unnoticed. I was more excited to learn that the hotel I had passed several times was derelict and wasa therefore compelled to take the 30 min walk to see for myself and check out if there was any security knocking about. To my delight I arrived late one afternoon to find there was nobody home and tentatively took a wander round the property. I was however more concerned about walking head first in to the web of one of the massive spiders they have on the island!

Berjaya Hotels the last owners recently closed down this site (unable to acertain exactly when but I guess about 2007ish as the hotel still features on many tour operators websites rather disconcertingly?) and it has stood empty since. Locals tell me the site has been acquired by rich Arabian developers.

Me and my wife went back the next day cos she wanted to see the tortoises and 'had always wanted to stand in an empty swimming pool' we had a quick nosey round got in the empty pool (sorry no good pics as camera was on the blink and completely overexposed the shots in the bright sun) 15 mins in and we were busted by maintenance people and told very abruptly to clear off. Good random find none the less!

Hope you enjoy my 1st post!















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