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Report - Berkeley Hotel South Devon May 2020


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Visited a Hotel in South Devon 2 weeks which I believe closed in 2009. Had a big fire here so some was inaccessible and many rooms were covered with smoke damage but overall a good visit and great access! Saw some brochures inside and looked like it was a lovely hotel and many rooms in a great location.
There are a couple of access points and part of the old hotel has now converted to flats so had to be aware that we were visible to Neighbours at certain points!
1. Take a step ladder! Much better condition in hard to reach areas
2. Watch out for neighbours, we saw a couple of dog walkers which use this as a cut through and although they were fine I’ve heard some get pretty shirty!
3. Take a decent torch! We had an industrial light but some parts are pitch black
4. Watch out for the section which was affected by fire as the floor appears to be giving way


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A few problems here. IE no history, photos & correct title. Welcome to 28 dl. And trying to post 1st report.

Maybe this may help


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This thread may be more helpful


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