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Report - Berkyn Manor - Berkshire - Dec 2012


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This is my first post so it seemed only appropriate to post one of my first explores. Although these are over two years old (sorry for the TARDIS moment) I hear that the place is still up a rotting.

I have also heard and read lots of horror stories about the security in this place... Im not sure if its luck or that two years ago the owner didn't give much of a fuck about it but I entered a couple of times and I never had ugly encounters... Got caught twice by farmers but, as I was coming out anyway, I accepted their invitation to leave before they call the old bill...

I love this place specially because it is a paradise for the 50mm lovers like me! I love the details it has everywhere (you have enough room shots in other posts :p:), you can capture pretty unique shots! I would recommend to avoid staging (even more) the place, it is starting to look a bit odd with so many set pictures... Having said that the stairway flag was put by my friend to make our shots... revolutionary (we were young what can I say...).

Its a great place to go even without a camera and spend the night playing cards in the library.

My advise? Go. Quick. Now. Next week is too late.

Here is some history, sorry if I repeat from other posts:

1458 John Berkyn died
1560 Nov 24th Will of Thomas Bulstrode left a (Berkyn) Manor to 2nd son Thomas
1588 Rayners had bought Colnbrook Farm during the reign of Elizabeth I and that they had previously owned a farm down the lane.
1626 34 people die of plague in Horton
1632-1638 John Milton lived with his father John & brother Christopher in Horton (future Berkyn Manor) house rented from Earl of BridgeWater , Sir John Egerton
1637 Apr 03 Milton's Mother Sara wife of John is buried in St Michaels
1640? Milton family home broken up after his 2 year trip to Continent, but Milton returned to Horton several times after trip (where he met Gallileo)
1647 John Milton's father dies
1659 William Rayner born (First Certain Ancestor)
1665 John Milton moves to Chalfont St Giles
1840 Mr. Thomas Woodward Resident of Berkyn Manor before the Cooke Family dies in his 90's
1848 Edward Tyrrell buys Berkyn Manor from the trustees of Mr. John Cooke
1848 Edward (Remembrancer of the City of London) & Frances Tyrrell move to Berkyn Manor from Tunbridge Wells
1848 Edward Tyrrell born 1791/2 from 1851 Census (age 59 in census), Esq., rebuilds Berkyn Manor , Frances (nee Lingham) Tyrrell age 49 in 1851 census (12 servants) Avery is 7 in 1848
1870 Captain Avery Tyrrell (Master of the Worshipful Company of Upholders)
1872 Nov 21 Avery Tyrrell married Annetta Chartry de la Fosse Toker
1879 Jan 17 Annetta Chatry de la Fosse, first wife of Avery Tyrrell dies age 38 (cross in St Michaels)
1880 St Michaels church organ of 1880 cost £305. The pointed tops to the pipes and the stencilled decoration are unusual; they were made at the insistance of Avery Tyrrel of Berkyn Manor who defrayed the cost
1881 05 Jun Edward Tyrrell dies his son Avery (Widower) inherits
1881 Date on rear of Berkyn Manor
1884 Dairy at Berkyn Manor built marked in bricks AV1884 Avery Tyrrell
1885 Jul 14 Avery Tyrrell marries Sarah Edith Davids at Paddington
1886 Stables at Berkyn Manor built Avery Tyrrell (boar's head with peacock feathers coat of arms)
1909 Apr 28 Last Tyrrell Dies (Avery Tyrrell) in Berkyn Manor Left £73,331.3s.2d
1944 Sarah Edith Tyrrell widow of Avery Tyrrell dies Virginia Waters
1945 Apr -- Rayners buy Berkyn Manor from Shore family
1945 Ernest Rayner moves into Berkyn Manor as farmer

Here you go! Hope you'll enjoy!

Bedroom... once upon a time.


For human voice please pull.


Swimming mid air


Books and Books!




Stairway to hell


Ready for supper


It should be a french flag...


Cigarette break


Welcome to Bull House, Cuppa anyone?


Thanks for watching...
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Re: Berkyn Manor - Berkshire - 2012

Really enjoyed looking at these photos, great first report..Please share anymore explores you have


Love it!
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Re: Berkyn Manor - Berkshire - 2012

Good report.

I remember ages ago someone talking on radio 2 or something about ue and the owner from this place came on and said it's a disgrace people can just walk in and not be arrested. Good to see he's doing a lot with the place!

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