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Report - Berkyn Manor - Horton, Berkshire - Feb 2018

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Bull Manor is a large abandoned home set on a working farm in a small village called Horton near Slough.
Originally it was owned by a gentleman called John Berkyn the home on the site has had many residents. It is believed that the creator of the poem Paradise Lost, John Milton rented a home on this very site in the 17th century.
The manor that still stands today was rebuilt by Edward Tyrrel around 1880.
Ernest Rayner was the last resident here until he passed away in 1987. It has been left abandoned ever since.
This manor is beautiful , there is so much stuff left behind. It is a real time capsule. Photos, letters, furniture, books. The manor has its own library. The library is a stunning. Books still in the shelves. But unfortunately the building has so much decay. Its very unsafe inside. Not possible to get to the third floor as all the floor has collapsed.
Getting to the manor was a bit of fun. Worked out why it was called bull manor. Due to 3 huge bulls in the field next to it that we came accross while we was running in the dark to get to the manor. Getting in the manor was quite easy. Spent a good hour or so in there, admiring all the history that was left behind. Just such a shame, its falling down. As this property would of been beautiful when all intact.
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Ive edited to add a proper title and its real name. Plese dont use code names on here and please put a location and date in the title next time. :)


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Are these photos recent? I really thought the owner sealed the place up tight with barbed wire, sensors and all that crap. Youtube video on two guys getting arrested also went viral

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