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Report - Berkyn Manor, Horton (JAN 2019) Some interesting stuff...


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Hello all, I'm here once again to update you on your favorite residential site in the south-east..... BERKYN MANOR. Yes, another thread, another successful entry to this damned place but this time I've decided to do something less typical and just have a look at some of the items inside of the house instead of the already thoroughly documented and photographed history, and room layout of the place. You'll see a few old favorites, and some new stuff hopefully!

So this constantly changes thanks to the lovely owners of the place being fun and exciting with guarding the place, but we have the wonderful stream, metal construction fencing right by it, some more fencing around the actual buildings, a BEAUTIFLY well maintained 'bush' of prickly plants around every wall and a few coils of razor wire here and there. If you plan to get inside, you're still in for one hell of a ride.

As we have discovered with my very first, yet very successful thread on Redhill, I'm not a fan of smashing my DSLR into dusty walls and lugging it around like a ball on a chain - so i hope you enjoy my exquisitely detailed high-quality phone pics!

Let's get into them then!

Firstly we have a very nice framed picture of a woman. Wow, what a nice hat.

Next, this wall clock. The face is very nicely undamaged so that you can never lose track of time inside the manor during your explore!

A favorite of the first floor and a pleasure to access, the library in all its glory - books spilling all over the floor. The especially creaky floor in this room really gets me.

This chair in one of the rooms with some red children's shoes is the true aesthetic of an urbex pic, all captured with the perfect camera quality. All in all, Mr Berkyn must have loved sitting in this detailed wooden chair.

What must be my favorite item in the whole house, this almost greek(?) like statue recreates my favorite action, the headlight readjustment.

A large painting downstairs shows some birds flying over the landscape of the nearby fields. (probably not though, are they)

Undoubtedly, this 70% proof champagne cognac is what the current owners are always drinking after an uncomfortable encounter with annoying urbexers trying to gain access to their well maintained and looked after manor house. Why would anyone break into this private property...

Some postage stamps display the monarch at the time, which isn't Queen Elizabeth. Those were the days...

I don't exactly know what this is but it caught my eye, looks kinda like a cigarette advert but probably isn't. Kinda captures the essence of the past for me.

On Mr Berkyn's desk, a very happy headteacher seems to describe a very very good student that takes active participation in his lessons and performs well in exams... unlike me then. Little did he know he could have been exploring abandoned buildings instead of going to school and learning French.

Now, this photograph is really interesting. Mr Berkyn or some sone of his was very into his farming and evidence of this is displayed throughout the downstairs office with farm bills, equipment manuals, and books about surprisingly... cows.

Another favorite of mine, and the last item of all... a RBWM mug. As I live in the wonderful homeland of Theresa May, I appreciate things that are stamped with this logo and it's just interesting to see something from such a long time ago with it imprinted on the front. It's interesting to see what it used to look like. A handmade mug with the RBWM logo is something Theresa May definitely has on her wish list of things to buy for the office.

I also distinctly remember seeing a shiny vacuum cleaner under the staircase downstairs however I didn't manage to get a picture of that.

And on that, we end another amazing thread about Berkyn Manor.
Thanks to @Ollieeh for the inspiration for the formatting of this thread post and coming with me on this explore.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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