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Report - Berkyn Manor, Horton - July 2012


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Berkyn Manor was originally owned by John Berkyn. However following his death in 1458 Berkyn Manor has had several owners most notably the English poet John Milton. Earnest Raymer was the last owner who died aged 96 in 1987.​
Some more info here.

After having a poke around outside for a while and having a meeting with the lovely guard-bull we finally managed to find a way in and were greeted with a rather special place to say the least. Whilst this isn't my favourite kind of place to explore it was still pretty amazing, the amount of things left behind, lots of really interesting things to rummage through. Wouldn't mind nipping back at some point as we didn't look through all of the rooms due to it going dark. Would be nice to get to the top floor too, but seems unlikely that it would be doable.













Thanks for looking :thumb

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