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Report - Berkyn Manor * Slough * January 2019 (A closer look at some of the items inside...)


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Berkyn Manor is a house that has been covered extensively, and so the history can be found on many other threads.

Since the rooms have been photographed so many times, I thought I'd take a closer look at some of the individual items inside, so people who don't have the opportunity to visit can get a glimpse of what this house holds..

Berkyn Manor is heavily - although crassly - guarded by metal fence, water, razor wire, wired gate and vegetation. It's a time-consuming task made difficult by its exposed location within the farm that owns it. The building is not structurally safe (a roof tile smashed down around a metre from where I was), and the staircase is literally broken in half. A pull-up is needed to get to the higher rooms, but the result is very, very special.

Because this has been done so many times, I've tried to post unique things I didn't see in other reports. Other reports have wide-angle pictures of the rooms.

The outside shows that no attempt has been made to maintain the building for at least the last 30 years.
WhatsApp Image 2018-07-01 at 22.58.48(1).jpeg

My favourite item in the entire house is a hospital bill from before the NHS was founded, dated 1937 to the previous owner of Mrs Rayner:

Letters offer a glimpse into the lives that were born into this house. These envelopes are stamped 1953, again for the unhonoured "Mrs Rayner":

A utility room near the back is lined full of old items even more dubious than the quality of my pictures.. the house was stacked for a family to live in, and it's as if the 'home' side of Berkyn Manor disappeared in a day:

Something many urbexers haven't spotted is the beautiful and unbroken stained glass above the staircase. It's rare to see stained glass built into a ceiling of a house, and it acts as one of the only sources of natural light in the main rooms:

Glimpses into the lives led in this house are offered in the dusty stacks of letters. Here is a Southern Electricity letter from 1978.. the thought of someone sitting at the same desk still in the room and reading this is a sobering concept when you see the legacy their home has become:

I'm not sure if this letter was sent to or written by the owners of the house, but if it is, it offers a disturbingly ironic line:

"The garden is looking quite nice, now it is under some sort of control"..


"The 'Go Anywhere' Vehicle" manual hasn't gone anywhere for half a century..

A writing desk that so many of these letters must have been opened on is still standing. Although it seems the owners filled the house with expensive and refined furniture (other reports will show you a beautiful dressing table & mirror), I wonder if the house has always been messy from the thousands of papers and books that have never been cleared away...

The utility room had what looked like a wholesale box of jars bestrewed on the floor, like an IKEA during the blitz..

My final picture for you is a photo I found within a book. Berkyn Manor has a form of river running parallel in its grounds and, although I'm not sure if this is taken from that river, it seems to be very similar surroundings, and shows a family smiling in a small boat.

It is a reminder that a dilapidated, crumbling and forgotten building was once somebodies home. Someone woke up to the ceiling I explored under every day, lived out their marriage here, and to someone, Berkyn Manor was their corner of the world...

..After all, a place is only what we see it to be.

Thank you for reading!
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Quality report one place I never managed to get done and proberbly never will.
Even if you don't live in the area I do recommend it as its well worth it, however, it's getting harder and harder to get in as time goes on with fences and streams among other things.


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Great post. I noticed the stained glass when I went. I was one of my favourite parts other than the library. I wish I could have got across to the other side of the staircase though.


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Your pic is so much better than mine haha... do you think any of that part of the staircase is possible?
The staircase was ok up on the right where the library was but when you go round and to the left down to the bedrooms to the fallen in bedroom you cant get over and you can't get over to the left landing unless you are super skinny and want to shimmy across dangerously thin pipes that are super brittle. Some people bring a ladder I've seen on other posts and managed to get up. But that was when I went last year and it was a fluke getting in and out not seen. Four years in the waiting I finally got to go haha. I took so many photos

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