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Question - Best Of Northern Italy?


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I got the green light for a trip there very soon.:) The leash is getting untied!
I'm spending every wake moment researching and getting excited.
Problem is, the area is rather overwhelming....
Want to see an asylum? pick from 6 or 7
Want to see a villa? Pick out of the dozen!
Just wondered what people opinions are on the best?
Not asking for locations, I have found most of them, and its fairly easy with a bit of keyboard workout. Just wondered what was most impressive to anyone who has been that way?
I'm trying to do a mixed bag, as Belgium was obviously hugely Industrio-centric.
My plan is Milan down to Piombino in 5 days.
I had plans to go to the hydroelectric place much further south, but don't think its worth sacrificing with all that driving time, and missed opportunities en-route.
Happy with codenames, as I know most of them already.
Grateful for any words of wisdom.


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28DL Full Member
Nothing to input on this currently advise wise, but I'd be interested to see what anyone responds to this as doing North Italy at the end of the month.

I know what you mean about the Asylums and Villas though! So many but they are such big places to do and you really can't do them all without sacrificing a lot of other locations that can be equally as cool to see!

I've had to get incredibly over organised with the locations I have and I'm still overwhelmed with how much there is! But I've spoken to some people via Instagram and Facebook who have been able to give some really good inputs on what is worth a look. I've never had anyone not recommend the Blue Chapel that way, which I assume you know of as it's quite a big one? And been recently done too so I'd say it's definitely one for the list! Plus there's a few bits in Milan (Asylum and Themepark) which are apparently still around and worth a look!

Really glad you posted this and hope you get some responses from people who have been (not because it will be helpful to me as well at all or anything:hmm)


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Cheers for the tips.
Looking forward to seeing what you get up to 'Alterntaive', as you will be there before me it seems.

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