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Report - Bethel Chapel, Newtown - December 2018


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December 2018

The Visit
I Visited this one by myself around Christmas last year, the Church is located on a busy main road with a hand car wash to the rear, it is in a pretty poor state with a few bits of the rood now missing and part of the ground floor has collapsed. It was an interesting visit and I spent about 30 minutes in the building, the blokes in the Car Wash behind didn't seem to mind me walking around.

History (Stolen from: @WildBoyz)
Bethel Methodist Chapel was the third Calvinist chapel to be built in Newtown, the largest town in the county of Powys, Wales. It was originally constructed in 1810, and was later replaced in 1820. The present chapel was constructed on the site between 1875 and 1876. The Gothic style building, with its gable entry plan and flanking turrets, was designed by Richard Owens of Liverpool who was a distinguished architect at that time. The entire construction cost just over £2,300; most of this went towards the front elevation which is squared in masonry and sandstone dressings, the two buttresses to the main gable which at one time featured two individual spirelets, a large central wooden door and the slate roof tiles. The remainder of the building was constructed out of an inexpensive yellow brick. It is estimated that the former chapel once seated approximately 450 people.

The Photos















Cheers for looking.


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not in the best condition and has gone down alot in the years but still something new(ish) on this place, reminds of one ive seen in liverpool but never got access in that

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