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Report - Bethel Quarry, Bradford on Avon. March 2015


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Bethel Quarry, Bradford on Avon
Ok, so now this is out, I'll add my take on it. Visited with many, including Lenston, OT, Rigsby, Tumbles, Idavoll etc. Sorry if I've missed you out.

Here's some history lifted from OT's report, lifted from the MCRA site :thumb

A fairly small (120,000 square feet total area), single adit entrance Bath stone quarry. The Bethel quarries were extensively worked by Messrs. Rogers according to the Bradford on Avon Gazetteer of 1868. It was later requisitioned in 1939 by the War Department and used for Royal Naval storage after some strengthening work. It was later used by Oakfield Farm Products as a mushroom farm and before that had been used by Heinz to grow mushrooms for its mushroom soup. Mushroom production stopped in September 2010 and it was offered for sale in April 2011 as having potential for underground storage. The Estate Agent details reported a "large and historic stone quarry extending to very approximately 10 acres with mains power, water and sewerage connected. The quarry ceased to be mined for stone at the end of the 19th Century but was latterly been used for the farming of mushrooms, though for some months has been disused.
Please take note of the warning on OT's report regarding the recent incident.

On with some pics

The general scene




Wash up and stores







Weighing in



This became quite apt :D


All areas had their name


Selfie (of course)


Think quite a few have seen this now. Still open if you fancy your chances with the local goon.

Thanks for looking.


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Thanks for guiding me into this place all those weeks ago. I am freaked out about the incident as I had my son cycling round the place within a couple of days of the incident. For the record, the door was open and could be seen to be wide open from the road. All the indications were that many locals knew the place to be open. Has he been reported to the police? He's the criminal not us. I thinking a planned mass gathering into the place is in order.

Bertie Bollockbrains

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Just to clarify: according to MCRA the obvious house at the main entrance is "nothing to do with" the quarry. So lets not throw accusations towards the residents of this house.

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