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Report - Bethnal Green Gas Holders, St. George's Hotel, Discovery Dock. LONDON.


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Hey Guys! It's my first ever thread on this site, I'm a full time A level student, part time (read addict) Urban Climber and Explorer. I will be posting about 3 sites here, not sure if that's the norm but oh well! I use a Gopro Hero 4 and a Cannon EOS 1200D SLR for night shots. Hope you enjoy the pics, please get in touch if you want to build a crew or anything.. Have a nice day :D

1) 4 Tier gas Holder, Bethnal Green. Not too sure about the history, but now completely disused and purged, one entry point near the canal but the fence has tar so take precautionary measures. Quite easy to climb, been there 4 times in broad daylight, police passed, didn't seem to give a damn...

2) St. George's Hotel in Langham Place, near Oxford Street, London. Quite easy climb. Only 15/16 floors, don't get too creative as there are 7 active O2 wireless transmitter, so the only things that do wait up there for you are hard eggs haha!
3) Discovery Dock West. They are building some sort of a car park so there is lots of scaffolding, cameras and very high (15 foot) wooden walls, impressive security, a few guardmen, CCTV both infrared, daytime. Good climb, managed to sneak up and stay for an hour, climbed down, had a long conversation with the guards just to boost my ego hahah!

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Good effort; some great pics there :thumb

Miss Mayhem

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Wow epic, you defiantly have guts to go up there,
Looking forward to seeing some more stuff :thumb


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Cool. Didn't know there are gas holders in Bethnal g. I'm usually a hater of selfie sticks but I applaud your use of it. Nice shots!


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Nice shots there mate and very brave climbing in flip flops :D


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Hi Patrick,
Really impressive stuff there! I am 17 and have always loved the thought of climbing structures, only problem is i don't know where or how to start! I was wondering if you have any advice or suggested places to go, as i really just want to get out there and climb!
Many thanks,


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Selfie addict? I dont think i'd have the ball for most those shots. I'd love to come for a few trips though.

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