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Report - - Bevan Simpson Foundry, Oldbury - 21\08\07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Bevan Simpson Foundry, Oldbury - 21\08\07

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Visited with Turk, Mr PK and Bubblehead.

Another foundry closes in the Black Country, hastening the end of iron working in the area where it all started. This place was intact, just being sold off, so everything was in situ. Different because there was virtually no trace of the people who worked here, nothing left behind at all.

The foundry was filthy, I can't imagine working here, when I had a shower later the water ran black and I had just visited it when it was shut down, not worked an eight hour shift in there. The place must have been a cavern of deafening noise and searing heat. This was work. Real work. Proper man's work. Melting and moulding one of the fundademental earth elements is never going to be an easy task...

A great place, I absorbed as much as I could, another site which wee'll never see the like of again.

Foundry Floor:







And the amazing colliery bathhouse style toilets and showers:



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