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Report - Bewdley Severn Valley Railway storage, July 08,


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Well, first off I've got to say, not the best day of exploring. Started off early to pick up diluted in Stourbridge. The rain was un-real until about 9am, then it settled down. The first target was a pool hall. MEGA secure considering it's location and venue, so we had a quick reccie around a few old units in the same area, with no luck.
Off to Gloucester we go, with some BIG sites in mind. Only 1 month ago, I stumbled upon 2 or 3 amazing buildings in the quay area of Gloucester, and they were very do-able. 7 Years of no planning permission made me think I had time to plan a good day out. WRONG! They are now full of builders who are gutting the places, and turning them into bloody un-affordable flats in an area full of homeless people. Great job Gloucester council! :)
Next, off to Kidderminster to an old carpet factory. Great, parked up, a few doors were un-secure, but there was CCTV all over the opposite building, and cars up and down the road. Another failed site.

I finally remembered seeing a disused rolling stock storage area on Flashearth, just down the road in Bewdley, so off we went. After parking, and diluted following my directions of"Follow this dirt track up to a brick bridge. Then lets climb up the side, and follow what I assume will be an old track"

It then turned out to be a case of "OW, SHIT, BUGGER, MY BALLS!!!!! MY SHIN!!!!!!" whilst trudging through nettles, rose bushes, firethorn trees, and LOTS of bloody flies.

Finally a clearing appeared, and I was at least right about this one!!!!!







Some cool old lever type track changers!








After hearing a few steam trains in the distance while fighting through the undergrowth, we assumed they were on a far away line. Only after some nervous looks at each other did we notice this com past, about 10 feet away..............

And after only 2 minutes of us being spotted by some old git hanging out of the window, we noticed someone in hi-vis and full hard hat get up, coming right at us. Not wanting a £1000 fine for being on or near live tracks, we decided to leg it back into the jungle and leave it for the day.

Not the best site, but quite a fun explore none-the-less! ;)


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