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Report - Beyton ROC Post, Bury St Edmunds December 2016


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Beyton ROC Post​

This is my first and will probably be my last ROC Post post and I’m only really sharing it as I’ve not seen photos of it online before. They’re not usually my thing but I heard about it maybe five years ago and when I went for a look and when found it locked I was intrigued. Beyton is a very sleepy village where I grew up. Nothing happens there so to discover that there was something of interest locked up underground came as a surprise. Every so often I returned and it was still locked until one day it wasn’t.​

I’d say it’s in reasonably good condition. There’s plenty of documents etc to rummage through, some cushions and a chemical toilet. I mentioned it to some locals, who’d said they’d been down there a month or so previous. Whether they were responsible for access and the mess or not I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t really know what I’m talking about here so I’ve included a link below which goes into a bit more detail. And soz, the pics are handheld – I never expected to post this!​



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This looks a lot less crap than the two almost identically crap ones I’ve been in. ;-)


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This post was part of our cluster (I was at 15 Post at Bacton), sadly the other one at Bury St Edmunds was filled in soon after stand down in 1991.

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I have visited this post last month, i will write an update for it soon , but the post looks in much better shape now . it looks like it has been tidied although there is alot more paperwork in your pics than what was in mine.

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