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Question - Big Camera for Quality or Small Camera For Mobility?


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Thanks guys for all of your answers.

I unfortunately despise bridge camera's with a passion so that's a no go zone for me. Both canon and Nikon do some awesome compacts that far out perform most Bridge camera's and I'm not one for unnecessary zoom.

I'm currently looking at a Canon G series or Canon EOS M. Perhaps we can overcome focusing in dark situations by using a good torch? I'd much prefer a viewfinder to a screen I must admit. A hot shoe mount would be good, and you could use the focusing beam on a standard canon flash for focusing in low light.
I have an Eos-m and fooking love it. So small and light but still an ASP-C sized sensor. The lenses are also small and light and optically good. When exploring I either use this or my Eos 650D, which itself isn't that heavy. I loved my G10 but size matters so the Eos-m with it's larger sensor wins hands down for me.


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I lug around the 6D for events, club stuff and studio work and a Fuji XT10 for the rest of time. Small, light works great and is an all round cracking bit of kit.


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I use a Sony a6000, which to be honest for exploring I love. Reasonably small and light, and pretty decent pictures.
I would personally rather that than lug a big camera around, but their is pro's and cons for either. You are rarely going to get the best of both worlds from one camera. It's about deciding which of your needs are more important.


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650D+Tamron 10-24 SP topside, Sony A6000+Samyang 12 F2 for underground. Both produce excellent quality photos.


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Fuji XT1 Mirrorless camera and a Samyang 12mm lens what I used and its really good. Fairly small and not very heavy.


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I just have a Sony HX60 that my dad has but doesn't use, but I plan on buying a mirrorless camera - my friend uses a Sony a5100 and the photos from them turn out much better, and he only paid £170 with the standard 50mm lens (It was preowned and an absolute bargain)


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I personally use a Canon 5dii with 50mm 1.8 it's a big camera and can get heavy but I love full frame and 50mm is my style of photography. I've got it on a shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry but also if I need to lower it down to somewhere I can easily. I also have a big light thing which attaches to the flash gun connector on the top of my camera so frees up my other hand. I also have a Canon 100d which produces some nice photos, I hardly ever use but that's tiny compared to the 5d.

It's all about preference, do you want to spend out more money for a smaller body when you have a perfectly good working camera already?

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I take both lol, so not really helpful to your question lol. I like my big camera & setting up etc when ive time, but a small one for pocket and opportunities lol. My ruck has to carry tripods, lens, X3 lol, extra batteries, extra sims, small tripod, big camera and lens, small camera, head torch, gloves, and various other bits, so I still lug even when ive packed light :eek:

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