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Lead or Rumour info - big hoose in kent


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saw this one today, massive place, deserted, but probably tight security, as its being re developed, easy access though. good luck

Google 51.378866,1.337333

115 Canterbury Rd
Westgate-on-Sea, Kent CT8 8NW ‎ 14 ft S

Look at 51.28418,1.376946 too, i can't make out what it is.

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Big what in Kent?? horse or house??

And the first thing that came up in google search when putting Google 51.378866,1.337333 is this thread :D


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[/QUOTE]Look at 51.28418,1.376946 too, i can't make out what it is.[/QUOTE]

played the golf course there last year, one of the greens is right next to it, it was almost rebuilt and at the time crawling with builders, so probably finished by now!


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The building that's fenced off with the heras topped with razor wire is an old nursing home. It's f**ked inside, there's some reports on here from when it was in better condition but I can't find them right now. It's called summerlands lodge if you search it on here, some reports come up.

However, right next door to it is a big house which is also empty, but is also belled up and periodically used.
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The place next door is St Augustines, had a few work Christmas do-os there a few years ago, including my notorious 3-bottles-of-wine, see-the-ex-girlfriend-walk-in, walk-straight-to-the-bar-and-arrange-to-buy-a-bottle-of-scotch-rather-than-spend-a-lot-of-money-on-individual-drinks-night. Woke up on the Northern Line the next morning, would have been a result if I hadn't have left my shoes on the train...


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lol oh yh i know the place you mean they do weddings there and yes nursing home has been empty years was looking at the reports last night think it may have to be the place for me to do my first report on not to sure yet also if i could arrange for a group to go to lido in margate with permission would any one be interested