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Report - Big Humptey / The Minger - Oct 09



Visited by Maskit and BroadWAY


The day started positive, sunshine and well prepared for the exploits we had planned......to sail the seas of the medlock down through Big Humptey all the way to the medlock culvert.

After re-arranging the contents of the boot of my car for the dingy, we were off.

Using BroadWAY's iphone we knew exactly where we was heading, the big choice was where to park, at the top of the run so less walking with a inflated dingy, or at the bottom so we could just jump back in the car.

After a bit we decided half way down the river was the best.

After a lot of funny looks from passers-by the dingy was inflated and we was off, found our access into the medlock and was sailing away!

Once we were inside we docked ready to get a few snaps!

Maskit; ''Right get the torches out''

BroadWAY; ''Ermm.......''


this was the look of disgust when BroadWAY realised he forgotten the torches FAIL!!

so only the one pic from inside as lighting it was basically impossible

Now with the day that started looking promising and now quickly turning sour we decided to not make the rest of the trip down to medlock culvert.......feeling a little defeated we deflated the dingy and started the walk back, which luckily wasnt to far as we didnt do the full trip.

But on the way, we noticed this (sorry bout pic quality as it was now more just point, shoot and there was so much condensation!) ;


The noise coming from this thing was immense. Now i have walked down tunnels/drains like this before but was never expecting this


This was just massive, and i'd place it under Bank Bridge Road


Water was pissing out of the wall as you can maybe tell in the bottom left of these pics



Hmmm poo covered things




The initial smell when we walked in here was like sewerfresh, after about a minute i was ok but BroadWAY looked like he rather be anywhere else haha. The heat in here though was like something i've never experienced i was literally dripping in sweat. The more i was in here though the more it seemed maybe like fresh water, but as you can see in the last 2 pics, it seemed to be a big pool of foam on the right channel and just more like flowing water in the left channel. With poor lighting and so much steam/condensation i couldnt tell if there was a channel to the left of the center. I think someone may of posted a people shot from here on 28DL.

sorry about the pic quality

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