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Report - Bighi Hospital, Kalkara, Malta. Aug .2012


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Hi guys,
first off i should note down that i felt that the original version was done in a hurry because it was 1.30AM, i was really anxious about posting the report, but was also in a hurry to rush into bed.. Which is the reason for this edit.
Bighi hospital was also known as RNH Bighi (Royal Naval Hospital Bighi), and is situated in the small "city" of Kalkara. Here in Malta, since the island is actually too small to have a city, any place with a lot of historical importance is named a city, which is why towns such as Mdina (the old capital) are cities. Prior to becoming a hospital the complex was just a private villa owned by Fra Giovanni Bichi in the year 1634. It was only in the year 1803 when the British acknowledged the many advantages the complex would have if it became a hospital for the royal navy.

Nowadays most of the buildings are being used as schools, mostly for studies in art and design, whilst the rest of the buildings are going to be used as a public science centre, used to attract younger people to the sciences. Therefore me and Cavehunter decided to take the opportunity and explore the few remains of the hospital just a bit under a month before the renovations where scheduled!

This is a picture of the main abandoned building that we explored.

The entrance to the first building

One of the many hallways. Unfortunately it couldn't be accessed since the entrance was blocked by a brick wall and we couldn't find another way in :/

One of the many fireplaces we found in the complex.

Moving up to the second floor. The sign is maltese for ' no one is allowed to enter the roof '

Just a couple of abandoned toilets


After moving past a couple more empty rooms we find this amazing view of the Grand Harbour!!

After totally exploring that building we proceeded to the next one, but soon discovered that there was no way in... until we found a small "man-hole" like structure...

...but it turned out it led to nowhere really, just a long stretch around under the building. Its use isn't quite clear since no stairs leading up into the building could be located..

The only thing we did find down there ( besides cobwebs, dust, and what seemed to be roots) was a whole room filled with newspapers dating back to around March 2003

Although there wasn't much we could see here besides old buildings, i thought it was a really nice explore. Please leave comments, and there will more reports to come in the near future :)
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