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Information - Bigjobs Ropage Weekends are back!!!!


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Ok peeps a few of you have been asking when the next @Bigjobs Ropage event will be so I kinda figured I should actually get my arse in to gear and organise the first one of 2016.

Im kind of thinking Easter Weekend (25/26 March) over the Friday and Saturday (definitely not the Sunday though as we got us a gin festival to attend!) but we are flexible on this so if you have a better date just shout up.

As ever Im shamelessly plagerising my last post as Im way too lazy to bother re-writing it!

The rules are the same. If you want to have a bit of fun learning about ropes, doing a bit of abseiling, learn some SRT, learn rope cross over techniques or even a bit of basic knot tying then get yourself along.

As always there will be a beginners session - folks we are not an abseiling club so this is not a purpose built abseil area. What you will get instead is us teaching you the abseil basics in a safe environment, followed by a bigger drop followed by a lesson in how to climb a rope. Then its time to get your arse up there for the BBQ.

For those who know what to expect and what they are doing we can possibly rig a bridge swing, although Im not promising! However we do try and cater for those who have never had anything to do with ropes to those who have lots of experience in the art of ropage so we can all come together and share skills and knowledge.

If you have your own kit bring it along if not then we pretty much have enough to meet requirements.

Oh yeah I said it was a weekend mlarky didnt I, bring your camping gear and we will have a good day on the ropes then have a laugh camping too, but without the fire breathing this time!

Yeah we can has a list too....



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The last one was a stack of fun, and I personally learnt a lot. Heavily encourage anyone who's interested in ropes (inc. you @slayaaaa @Gabe !) to get involved with this.

I don't think I can make it as normally go find out the fam at Easter, but will see what's crackin this year.

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Need to learn some rope fun, if I'm free count me in. However safety is paramount :D


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Hah, should be alright for this. Probably won't commit until the last minute though. Driving from London if anyone needs a seat. Got a decent sized tent too actually :D