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Report - Billericay ROC Post (July 2020)


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I've had thoughts about this post and I didn't think it would be worth having a visit, as the latest updates on this post show it being locked as well as having metal bars welded to it.

However the opportunity arose when I was going out and it brought me to it. Although it did take me a little bit to find it as there are multiple locations where this post is meant to be. Well since a year or two has passed from the last update, a few things have changed.

Well here it is

I only have one picture as a new fence has been built around the whole site (I'm stood on the original compound fence). I learnt that someone owns this and it seems they've been doing some work to it, possibly a restored post in the making?

There is a number on this 'keep out' sign but I'm not sure if it's the owner's or a break in report number. It would be good to get in contact with the owner as I'd love to have a look in there.


It reads "071-225-2588"

More to come

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