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Report - Billinge Hospital (Aug 15)


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Driving home from visiting my parents along the M58 I was wondering where I could go locally, spur of the moment kind of thing. Im a noob, so ive been ticking off the list of local sights while I practice photography skills and learn common sense for these abandoned and sometimes unsafe sights. So I picked up my mate (not registered) and some boots and went to Billinge.

I was in two minds about posting because most of the buildings have been replaced by housing and what is left has been gutted and destroyed. But I figured it might help a fellow noob decide more informatively if its worth the petrol.

History (ripped from Wiki)
Billinge Hospital was originally founded in 1837 as a Wigan Poor Law Union hospital and workhouse.[1] Mental Health services are still available

Opened in 1968, Billinge Maternity Hospital served as the maternity facility for the surrounding areas, including much of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan,[2][3] parts of the Metropolitan Borough of St.Helens and parts of the District of West Lancashire .

In June 2004, the maternity hospital was closed and maternity facilities were transferred to other units at hospitals in surrounding districts.Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, who administered at Billinge Maternity Hospital, were transferred to a new maternity unit at theRoyal Albert Edward Infirmary (more commonly known as Wigan Infirmary) in Wigan.[4] Maternity care units were upgraded in surrounding boroughs at Bolton Hospital, Salford Royal, Chorley Hospital, Warrington Hospital and Ormskirk Hospital.

In March 2007, demolition work on the maternity hospital building commenced. As of May 2007, only a small section of the maternity unit is left standing.

In April 2010, only two buildings stand which are due to be demolished soon as more houses are being built on the site of the former hospital.

I forgot to pick up a camera, so these are taken on my Iphone and the camera has developed some sort of camera Aids, so there are a few dark circles.


One of the few pieces of evidence this was a Hospital.



There is still some life here.






I opened the door to this room and I was hit by that generic hospital smell, i guess it was a store room for cleaning products.



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Nice little reports that mate :) Apart from the spider!!! I presume hes the reason the place is abandoned!!

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