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Report - Billinge Hospital, Wigan - September 2016


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History (demolition etc.)

Ill spare you the lengthy history of Billinge Hospital, plenty of people have already done a good job of that. The brief summary is that the hospital closed its doors in 2004, demolition began in 2007 and ran on and off until 2010, leaving the one remaining building.

Our trip

Basically, this hospital has great significance to us. For a start, I was born here, as were most of the rest of us. It has also served a new purpose after it closed, as this is where we practice photography and shooting video, and where we come to test out new equipment. We decided on making a cinematic video report as a new threat of land development looms over our playground, so we thought that we should document it further before it vanishes forever.
Please leave some feedback, we wanted to kick our first report on 28 days later off with a bang, but we need to know where to improve from a new set of eyes.

Whats left of one of the iconic NHS signs





Im a fan of window shots :)


A view from the sun lounge (the roof)

Our video report, please check it out :D


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Good first report, my only criticism is that it could do with a few more photos of inside the building.
@scotty markfour you're not missing out on much really, it is/was a shell of a hospital, not trying to knock the op's experience at all as it obviously has some sentimental value & they enjoyed their times there but wouldn't be too gutted that you've missed it mate there's plenty of others out there