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Report - Birkenhead railway stroll (Liverpool, Feb, 2017)


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School half-term holidays. Myself and junior headed over to Birkenhead to climb a tower but it was foggy. Not much point in climbing something if you can’t see the view, so instead we went for a wander along the disused railway line which cuts through the town, the green line on the map below. Entering top left, near a level crossing, we headed down under several bridges, past the entrance of the Queensway tunnel, ending up next to Green Lane station at the bottom. This is part of the Birkenhead Dock Branch (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birkenhead_Dock_Branch), apparently one of the oldest railway tracks in the world.

Starting from Canning Street North signal box the going was heavy for a while..

..but soon opened out.

Plenty of brick arches to fail to get decent photos of and random junk to inspect.

A short bit of tunnel then under the spur of a demolished overpass and on.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable wander with various minor obstacles to overcome and the sounds of the town all around. There are worse things to do on a foggy afternoon in Birkenhead.
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Love a walk along a former railway and personally think your shots under the arches look great. Good stuff!