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Report - Birkenhead Town station tunnels, Monks and Woodside, Sept 16

The Kwan

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Nicely shot @The Kwan :thumb and impressive lighting ;)

Nice to see these again. I always forget about them when i"m over your way. They certainly like locking stuff up in Birkenhead :(
The council and NWR are keen as mustard in Birko to shut these places down, remember almost being entombed in Bidston tunnels :) I think that they know that they will be full of graffiti, weed toking. pyromaniac ballbags within hours....I dont mean us like :D


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This is awesome stuff right here @The Kwan, looks like you guys had a good time in there. Cool shots, & I'm glad you've got your 10-20mm running again. Got the same lens myself & don't know what I'd do without it :rolleyes:


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Superb report and cracking shots. Great job!


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Wait, the Monks and the Woodside were open at the same time? The gods of Urbex must have been smiling upon you that day, I've only ever seen one or the other accessible.

There needs to be a Three Tunnels Challenge. Reach the far end of the Woodside, Monks Ferry and Haymarket tunnels and return to McDonalds in the retail park, all in under 1 hour. I'll give a prize for the first person to post timestamped photos!

Yeah I'll definitely take someone with me cheers
Take about six people! That place is smackhead central, sharps bins and stuff everywhere. Tread softly and carry a big tripod.

If you get there and find both tunnels greased up and inaccessible, it's fairly easy to get down onto the dock branch right next door and have a nose at the Haymarket Tunnel. It's a very photogenic structure and still has tracks intact, which make for interesting pictures.


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not seen this cool image of the tunnels before so thought I would post it.

View attachment 757155
Nice, very very rare to find photos of the station. I assume this is in the mid-late 60s since the Monks Ferry branch has been lifted but the trains are still running to Woodside. Considering the station had been closed 15-20 years by then the platofrm looks pretty intact!

Anyone been back down there recently? Last time I was in the area there was some work going on under the flyover so I didn't nip in to have a look.

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