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Report - Birmingham Central Fire Station - April 2014


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Closed since 2008 this 1930s fire station has always interested me. We tried a few times before i moved to brum but security were quite on the ball and we never quite pulled it off. Then some twat went and spoiled it for us by getting a permission visit and after that i didn't really have the same motivation to get in and see what i already knew was there. Towards the end of last year however work started to convert the station to student accommodation and recently scaffolding went up on the outside making it so easy it was hard to refuse.. In the end we just walked straight in the front gate!

By far the most interesting part of the station is the 40ft, 3 story pole drop. The longest in Europe and something you just dont see any more due to health and safety... On a permission visit your not allowed... On a real explore there's no one to stop you! :thumb







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Nice work…another top notch new report, seeing all this new stuff has got me getting my arse into gear and finishing stuff off in Manchester that i have put off for far to long...


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No no wikipedia doesnt lie!
Longest firemans pole in Europe is in the old firestation in Bournemouth (now part of the University) - 4 floors, 46 feet, pole is still in situ, but the students are only allowed access to the ground floor section - presumably for drunken freshers to debase themselves on) :)


This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Love the look of this place, great work.

And that pole looks awesome!

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Nice work Speed.

Should have posted the hall picture as 'guess the asylum main hall".

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