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Report - Birmingham Methodist Central Hall,. Aug 2018


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Been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks now.
The Methodist Central Hall / Q Club, Birmingham.

Built between 1903 and 1904 , the Methodist central hall is situated at the northern end of Corporation Street in Birmingham, right opposite the Magistrates courts. It is a 3 story red brick and terracotta building and has grade 2 listed status. It was built by architects Ewan Harper and James Harper and the terracotta was made by Gibbs and Canning ltd of Tamworth.
The main hall seats 2000 and there are over 30 aditional rooms including 3 school halls. At the time it cost £96,165 to build.

In 1991 the building was converted into a nightclub which closed in 2002 and was reopened as the Q Club in 2007. The Q club held its last event at the premises (Flashback) in2011. During its time as a club there were 3 reported deaths at , someone jumping off the tower in 1998, a drugs overdose in 2000 and a stabbing outside in 2008.
Fast forward to the present day , Birmingham city council have granted planning permission to Ciel Captial and architects ICA to convert it into a 147 room hotel (+75 room apart-hotel) costing £35 million . This is estimated to be completed by 2020.

The explore......
Visited here with @lou2209 . On arrival we spent some time sat outside out target access point contemplating weather the 2 lads sat just up the road would notice us going in or even be bothered when 2 more appeared and just walked right in. So we jumped up and followed . Turned out they were there for the same reason so we ended up exploring the building as a group.
Whilst up on the higher levels we thought we heard the sound of an alarm being set/turned off , but having not spotted and pirs or other evidence of alarms we assumed it was outside and carried on. However, as soon as we went downstairs to the ground floor , we saw the pir in the corner of the hallway and triggered it. As it turned out, security had arrived while we were upstairs and turned the alarm off (luckily) . One secca bloke sat in his office listening to the radio, totally ignoring the fact that we were there.
After spotting him, and with no real urgency , we left.
I have to say that this was one of my favorite places iv had the pleasure of visiting. Lots of original features still intact, including the organ :-) The tower is also a nice little climb and offers some decent views across the city. My pictures really dont do this place any justice at all and a revisit is defiantly on the cards.

On with some pics ......

Main hall.......

Random rooms.......




Thanx for looking. :-)


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The alarm was doing something when we first went in there but it changes between visits (On the same day) so someone must have been going in and doing something to it. They obviously dont give much of a shit tho with the amount of goons in there.


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28DL Full Member
I've been there on multiple occasions and heard the radio on from one of the offices near the main entrance.
My most recent visit nobody was in the office for a change, however, someone had signed in for that security shift. I don't think the lone security worker is up for confronting what could be a group of people anyway.


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The alarm is usually on " silent mode" but more recently it's been switched back on. But in all my visits ( 5 now) I've never experienced any security or alarms going off?

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For your history, it was always called the Q club, when reopened they just used the same name, went there many times in the 90's

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