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Report - Birnbeck Island and Pier

Oxygen Thief

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One of the first 28DL group explores was here, it's where some of us met up for the very first time (OT, Turkey, Dweeb, Raddog plus Riddlers and Blue)


SWC | Bally up!
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She's getting worse and worse! I think Petzel's debit card is still somewhere on this pier, unless the RNLI found it :D

But thanks for the update. Hardly ever go to Weston if I can help it!


Trip Hopping
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Blimey, that place has gone downhill in the past 3 years.... being open to the elements doesn't help I guess!
It's so unstable that the RNLI moved away from it about 12 months ago. I was surprised it lasted last winter.. a couple of bad spring tides this year might finish it off, apparently its close to collapse.

Urban Splash are mainly responsible for doing absolutely fuck all with it for many years, I think they've now finally sold it but there is still a fuck load of internal politics hampering any work being carried out on it.

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