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Report - Bishopgarth police training centre, Wakefield - Dec 31st

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Bishopgarth was first built in 1891 for the Bishop to live in. In 1946 the site became the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Training School. The classrooms were built in 1952 and the new block added in 1969 (the accommodation). There were 14 course's for training police men/women these course's included fingerprints, computer training, firearms, public speaking and traffic management. Bishopgarth could take a maximum of 250 students at any one time and usually there were 200 students staying at the on-site accommodation.

To be a policeman you must be 5'9\" tall and for a policewoman 5'6" tall. This is the same as 166cm tall for policemen and 154cm tall for policewomen. The police moved to a new facility in Carr Gate in 2014. The Carr Gate complex houses Firearms, Driver, Public Order, Crime, IT, Foundation and Leadership and Development training. But the question is what will happen to the the now old and abandoned Bishopgarth police training well the first option proposed by the planners would see the entire site used for new homes, believed to be between 120 and 150. The second option would see the number of suggested homes reduced to include space for a residential care home. There is some more info on the matter here https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/plans-for-150-homes-and-care-home-at-bishopgarth-1-6890284

Entering the area

Upon arriving we noticed a massive metal fence around the perimeter, but we also noticed a lot of gaps in the fence as soon as we got walking down the drive way we got rustled by the security. Looped around to the back where the alleged bishops palace and snuck in through there...

Sneak peak of what was to come

We couldn't believe the entry was this easy

The first tell tale sign of how immaculate the building was

whilst walking to the gate i had time to take this quick snap

The accommodation building

From getting into the bishopgarth area we headed straight to the accommodation building... we did this because we only really came for that building. When we got there we heard rustling, peeking around the corner and seeing a hi-viz vest it was security so quickly we had to run across the courtyard... thankful we missed the security, walking up the stairs to the main entrance of the accommodation building it was boarded so we looked around the whole permitter and found some boards ripped off at the side... looking around the building was like walking around a maze thankfully not a pitch black one thanks to our exploring light. Once we got past the first few floors what contained the dinning room and the main entrance it was just copy paste bedrooms and corridors. After we explored a floor of the bedrooms we got our assess up to the top floor AKA the roof access, we spent a while looking at the landmarks of wakefield and taking pics of the roof but it was hard because at this point we did not want to get spotted... running down the stairs to got out, had a lot more to explore!!!

Chairs chairs chairs

The first glimpse of the main building

external of the main building

We had some signs to helps us look around, cheers bishopgarth

Narrowly avoiding security

It felt like we had traveled back in time to a 90's apartment block

board board board, boards everywhere...

Shame we couldn't enter though the main doorway

Time to head in...

Training room for what?

I wish i took it home!


The best bit of the explore for me...

Interrogation camera... nicccceeee

Spooky corridor galore in this building

curtains in an abandon building who would have thought :D

A DESK!? :eek:

Had a nice sit down looking at my insta feed...

A nice overview of the... lobby area?

We tried for about 10mins to find this area no luck... i would recommend looking for the firearms area if you go!



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typical wallpaper in the bedrooms

Bedrooms where stripped

The admin office

A overview of the... dinning room?

The dinning room?

The kitchen

On the high up floors

Roof topping with LBE

Nice door

Bit dangerous

Nice bit of recording equipment to end off the accommodation...


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The office/ classrooms
After the buzz of the accommodation building, we thought it would be hard to beat... ow god was we mistaken. After sneaking across the path we ran into the office/ classrooms... not much going on the outside of the building but once we entered (by opening the door) it was of its rocker! Walking in we had access to the bottom floor, very dark there were a couple classrooms and some office type looking buildings but the real deal was the top floor. We found the stairs after about 15mins of looking around... up the stairs were the IT classrooms and some offices with everything still inside. After we took pics of the upstairs, we wanted to get out but knowing there was the main entrance (with the automatic doors) we had a deeper look... finally we found it, did not expect wooden cladding, a safe, some nice stairs and some trash we was more than happy. But there was still some stairs to climb up... a whole new world (another corridor with some classrooms) the only bit worth looking at up there is the graffiti where the homeless slept.

Caution for what?

The automatic doors didn't work, would be a nice entrance

More of that immaculate signage

The filing cabernets from the office

The first classroom we bumped into...

Pretty empty

In good time we bumped into the IT classrooms

The lights

Nice thanks for telling us... i think we figured that out

The window into the IT classroom

The IT classroom

A IT server

A window to the outside

Finally upstairs...

Staircase shot

Security guard must have lost his keys

Toilets were stripped

Even though the toilets were stripped i did find this sign :)

That gorgeous wooden door

The automatic doors from the outside

Lighting fell from the wall

Trophy cabinet

Original chair (it was comfy)

Darker than i thought...

Wooden stairs upstairs



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Looks great! Surprised you didnt get as many pictures of the inside and best to take down access information/pictures. Otherwise good report

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Corridor greeting us when we got up there

Only bit of spray in the entire building

Heading back down

I love this board so retro

Nearly missed the safe

No gold in the safe... would have been nice

A courtyard overlooking the square building

Heading out

A quick look at the other classrooms on the way out

This place just loves chairs

Nice desk

The storage unit

Seems like everyone who goes here bumps into this

Another spooky corridor to end off the offices/ classrooms


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The gymnasium/ learning resource centre
This put a dent in our motivation, i mean its cool going around all the other sites but you want to get in the gym to finish it off. Its a shame nobody's got in so we could have followed... after walking around these two buildings 5 times we couldn't believe it... but we had to get off so we took the externals and buggered off. Very disappointing to say the least.

Why would you block up this sign, bishopgarth

A nice overview

Only in bishogarth

What does PNLD mean when it says on the sign at the other side learning resource centre

the board was impossible to move BTW

No boards off :(

The various houses on site
To end of on a positive note we thought we would have a look around the many 'houses' on the site... only getting in one which was a little outhouse at the back of the accommodation building... i say a little outhouse but if we bumped into that when we stared off we would have lost our minds. After that we got some more externals but we just wanted to get off really...

The security house lol

I think this is where the leaders slept and the medical units were

You could tell the bricks were old


It proves how untouched this area of abandonment is with this original window not smashed

Not much in those houses

Its been fun bishopgarth

Sorting out 121 photos was surprisingly fun... looking back on a great day with the LBE crew

A great explore to end off the year


Keep on exploring in 2018


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Well done for getting out there and actually posting some photos. But.....

take down access information/pictures
Agreed. However obvious it is, we don't give access details on 28.

120 photos is way ott for almost anywhere. 20 - 30 of your photos could tell a story about this place, the rest (cassettes, Newcastle brown trays, cones, boarded up windows, filing cabinets,etc) are pretty typical of any site and are not really relevant..


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nice one for getting out and its a decent report but its way too photo heavy for a derped out office block. Some pics show bugger all to imo. cut it down a lot and itd be more interesting. i skipped through a load of pics as it was a lot of the same.


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What they said above. More is often less. Narrow it down to the best 30, especially at this type of place...


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Had to skip through almost all the photos. Over 100 photos is waaaaayyyyy too many for a stripped modern office block type building. Well done for getting out there but please only post the most interesting photos, not every shot you took.
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