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Report - Bishopgarth Police Training Facility, Wakefield - May 2018


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This is the report from my visit to the site back in May, I had not time to create a report so I’ve just got round to creating one.


Bishopgarth was first built in 1891 for the bishop to live in. In 1946 the grounds were took over by the West Yorkshire Police and it became their police training school. Following this, the classrooms were built 1952, and the accomodation block was built in 1969. The site had been operating for years until it’s closure and relocation in 2014 to the new Carr gate facility, and up until 2018 the area stayed derelict until it’s announced demolition starting in April 2018.


I was surprised to arrive at the area mid-way through demolition, but glad I had the chance to see parts of the buildings. Once past the gates I made my way to half demolished accommodation block that lay standing fractured. Accessing into the 10 storey building was very simple just an open window, but I made my way to the top, casually witnessing each floor that had ripped furnishings. Once on the top floor I was pleasantly surprised to see an open door that linked to the rooftop and other top floor rooms. Sites from the roof were great and cool to see the abandoned Clayton Hospital that was very close to the site. Other than the views, the accommodation block was very bland and repetitive and I was quite restrictive on taking pointless photos, however I was pleased to witness the remains of the building before it would be completely demolished which I think now has taken place.

Photos taken from inside the accommodation block: —>

The lovely views taken from the rooftop: —>

Once finished with the accommodation building I made my way to the building known as the ‘D Classrooms’. It was around one third demolished but I easily accessed the building and was met with a range of narrow and dark corridors, but still the building great and had many remains from its functioning past. Although the rest of the building was quite repetitive and in a state of disrepair. I wanted to get into the former Bishops house but I was sadly unable to, but overall the site was a good explore and I’m glad I had the chance to get into the area.

A few more photos from the site: —>


I hope you enjoyed this report. :)

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