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Lead or Rumour info - Bishopgarth police training ground- Wakefield 09/16


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Bishopgarth police training ground (opposite Clayton Hospital) has finally been vacated I had a wander round last night, the site is enclosed by metal fencing, it still looks a bit "live" but I'm sure its only a matter of time! The bishops house looks interesting the rest is a mass of 1950/60s concrete, its a big site and has been earmarked for 150+ houses and as its in quite a good part of town so cant see them hanging about before demo starts, money money money an all that!

A bit nicked from google -

Bishopgarth was first built in 1891
for the Bishop to live in. In 1946 it
became the West Yorkshire Metropolitan
Police Training School. The classrooms
were built in 1952 and the new block
added in 1969. There are 14 courses
for training policemen and women
including courses in fingerprints,
computer training, firearms, public
speaking and traffic management.
Bishopgarth can take a maximum of 250
students at any one time and usually
there are 200 students staying there.