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Report - Blackaller Quarry, Devon, May 2013


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Right guys, this is my first post so I hope you'll enjoy this quaint little quarry near me.

A little history and general info: This site consists of 2 pits, one of which (the larger one) was mined for limestone, and the other was the site of brief mining of a copper and tin lode. From the overgrown state of the small pit, I would assume it was mined very briefly and long ago, whereas the limestone pit was mined extensively until around 30-40 years ago. Much of the equipment (air compressors, diggers etc) remains on site, and I believe the quarry has a status as a "listed minerals consultation area". I have reason to believe that limestone kilns were used on the site, as well as a lot of other related machinery, although I'm hardly an expert on such equipment.

This site isn't much in terms of buildings, but I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer.

A view of the main yard, and in the distance you can see a large spoil heap ridge and the trees that line the edge of the largest pit.

I have no idea what this is.

I'm no miner, but I guess this building is where the workers would've sorted and perhaps crushed the limestone.

This contraption leads down from a cylindrical machine.

Back on the top level now, looking towards the cylindrical machine.

I assume that this machine sorted rocks into sizes, allowing small rocks through the holes.


This is the first arch, the second one was practically full of spoil and rubble from the side of the quarry face.

I followed a very rough path up to the edge of the largest pit, here's a photo of the main yard where I started off to give you an impression of the height of the quarry ridge.

There we have it guys, I hope you enjoyed my first effort at a report. I know it isn't the most expansive of places, but I hope you can enjoy the photos.


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