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Report - Blackborough House, Devon, July 2018


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Slightly derelict but not abandoned doesn't add up to me
Glad to see you like our house. The little shelter round the back by the blue container, our son built. Your photos do make the place look creepy. The more we are clearing outside the more light is getting in so it's looking much brighter inside now compared to back in May when we started. Most of the rooms have now been emptied of all furniture. All good china and glass has been removed as previous 'explorers' had caused much damage to house contents. The floors, it was good of you to mention. Even the ground floor is not 'on the ground'. All ground floors, wood, slate, stone, are raised up on bricks. The void below ground floors is around 8 bricks high which is around 24 inches. So not even the ground floors are safe to walk on. Most ceilings are falling down and most upper floors are rotten, boards and beams. The house is not open to viewing. The owner has told us not to let anyone in. The caravan in the front belongs to the house owner.... My wife and I are local and are at the house at least 3 days a week. I suppose we are caretakers. We are not actually restoring it as permission has not yet been granted, but we are removing the under/over growth, removing all scrap metal and other 'rubbish', and generally trying to make it more presentable. Whilst i can understand people's interest in the house it is not helping when people break in. The house is secured, has a ring fence, has a lock on the front door, many other doors are nailed shut. Yes it is slightly derelict, but it is not abandoned. It has an owner that is waiting for permission to move forward with his plans to restore it. The house on the adjoining land used to be the stables of Blackborough house. It seems that it was not part of the 'Listed building' when the main house became Listed. That small house is lived in full time. They have 3 dogs which bark at the slightest sound.... In fairness, the lane from the church yard down to the house, is a public footpath. That footpath continues past the side of the main house. So the main house will be on your left and the small house will be on your right. The foot path continues and you will see a large gate with big wheels in which is part of the main. That is private property but the footpath runs to the right of that big gate, through a field. There is no problem with anyone taking photos of the house from the footpath. However anyone entering the grounds of the main house or the small house can expect to be shot :)
I frequently visited this place when it was a scrap yard the long drive with piles of bricks along it waiting to be paved. The house was definitely spooky as there were always crows or rooks flying over the top of the house. The scrap yard was fascinating with no real sense of order all seemed totally random although the deeper you went the older the cars seemed to get they were strewn everywhere. The last I went there several years ago a lot of the vehicles had been removed but the previous owner was still living there Ralph Sanders who was a keen hotrodder.

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