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Report - blackborough house feb 2018


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This was my second attempt as i got slighty lost the first time round.
After seeing what this place was like from previous posts i could not wait to explore...I knew most of it has been sold to auction etc but the house itself did not let me down.
Its all fenced off but we found a way inn through the fields. The land its self is pretty much empty which a few bits here and there , with a couple of old cars just left to rust even more.
We managed to get into the house, access was easy. Nature taking its toll , i love it. Inside seemed quite sterdy the top floors were missing abit. Basement was scary with lots of tunnels and another stair case.
We did have to be quite at one point as we did hear voices which came from the farm next door?
My pictures i took with my phone so sorry if not good. :-)

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