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Report - Blackburn Royal Infirmary - Blackburn, October 2014

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Blackburn Royal certainly won't be winning any awards for best derp but while in the north west killing time while waiting for a friend we went looking for easy non stressy things to do. After a fail in Accrington we headed to Blackburn going for a slightly more discreet but pain in the arse entry.

The Infirmary opened its doors in 1864 with a patient capacity of 32 beds and staff to deal with a total of 516 admissions and out patients.

On the 21st of April 1914 by a decree of King George V, the word RoyalÂ￾ was officially added to the title, it was, in future to be known as The Blackburn and East Lancashire Royal Infirmary.

By July 2006 most of the services had moved to the new Hospital, which was to retain its Royal status and be known as The Royal Blackburn HospitalÂ￾ the building was officially opened on 8th July 2006.

The site of the Infirmary was sold to Barratt Homes, who got planning permission to build 253 homes on the site, at first it was thought that much of the old part of the Infirmary would be retained and turned into apartments but an Heritage Assessment deemed that the early buildings had been so much altered and built upon resulting in a loss of both external and internal detail that they do not warrant retention in any future development scheme.Â￾

Only the War Memorial Wing remains
Accrington church
















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Re: Blackburn Royal Infirmary - Blackburn - October 2014.

Nice one, that looks real nice actually. Cheers for sharing. :thumb


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Re: Blackburn Royal Infirmary - Blackburn - October 2014.

That round bit do dah still looking good.


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Re: Blackburn Royal Infirmary - Blackburn - October 2014.

Will always love this place as it's where the hobby started for me some 5 years ago or so. Shame about the church in Accrington: it's not the best out there but it still has a handful of nice features yet.


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Re: Blackburn Royal Infirmary - Blackburn - October 2014.

Well bimbled.

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