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Report - Bland Tavern Nursery, Graizelound, September 2017


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One of those locations you chance upon on the way somewhere else, only to find out afterwards that everyone else went here back in 2013. Including the Daily Mail. Oh well. Given the exposure it had a few years ago it’s perhaps unsurprising that some of the best treasures from earlier reports (CB Radios, the NCB Jacket the stuff from the shop) are no longer present.

This Bland Tavern was called The Railway Tavern Inn until 1974 when it was closed by John Smiths brewery. At some point after this the pub was converted to residential property. The faded sign out the front of the property actually reads Bland Tavern Nursery and there are numerous listing online for a nursery by this name at this location, presumably using the farm land behind (which now seems to be in use by someone else).




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