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Report - Bleak House And Farm Tony Martin Shot Burglar Dead At (Emneth Hungate Norfolk April/November 2018)


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Tony Martin sparked a national debate in 1999 after he killed 16-year-old Fred Barras on his remote Norfolk farm. While many argued that he had the right to defend his home, others branded him a dangerous vigilante The farmer, who slept with a shotgun under his bed after his home was targeted in a string of burglaries, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison after the jury rejected his claim of self-defense.
Anthony Edward Martin (Tony Martin), a 55-year-old Norfolk farmer who lived alone in isolated Bleak House. On the night of August 20th 1999 it was broken into by Brendan Fearon, 29, who had a string of convictions behind him, and Fred Barras, 16, who had already racked up 29 offences. Martin came out of the room he slept in and fired 3 shots at both men whilst running down the stairs with a pump-action shotgun, wounding Fearon and killing the teenager. In April 2000, a jury found him guilty of murder and of wounding Fearon with intent to kill. His life sentence was greeted by national outrage and made headlines across the globe. It would later be reduced to manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility. He served three years in prison.

Cant find any info on the bleak house age etc only that he lived there alone for around 20 years

The explore
First checked this place out in April this year. After the story all over the news about the old boy stabbing a burglar to death in his east London home (april2018) The story of Tony Martin reappeared in the news have always been fascinated by this story growing up. Watching a short video on him by channel 4 filmed a few years ago it showed the farm house abandoned and boarded up
So the next day a couple of us headed down to check it out
After a bit of hunting around we finally found the place is well hidden from the road is very isolated and in the middle of nowhere

What we found
Strolling down the farm track we first found a derelict house,few farm buildings, loads of old scrap cars and farm machinery. Started to venture round the old barns and we noticed a second house behind them that was clearly being lived in with cars outside. We decided to long the farm buildings off and check out the first house we see. Walking in door we headed strait upstairs what we found looked like something out of a horror movie all the rooms had large bones hanging from the ceilings and teeth taped to the walls above the door frames. Have never seen anything like this before in my life. Heading down stairs the rooms were full of piles of bones they were all huge probably from a horse or cow. Slightly freaked out we sat down amongst the bones and had some lunch. Looking through google images we realized this was not the house the shootings happened in but we were in the right place as it matched the police aerial photos confused we headed into the woods beside the bone house after a couple of minuets we found a third house. Bingo that was the house. Was a lovely looking farm house rapidly being claimed back by nature surrounded by large hog weed plants. Is very over grown and covered in ivy every single window and door has been covered in metal sheets with large bolts through the brick work that have been welded together was no way in sealed proper. Nice and hidden in the woods surrounded by large oak tress cannot even be seen on google earth
Early November visiting somewhere else only 15 mins away from this place we decided to pop in an have another look sneaking in round the back we headed strait to bleak house. Noticing a big hole in the roof and a huge ladder had appeared next to the house up against a tree we gave it ago once on the roof we climbed in. This place was in a bad way. More holes in the roof than a sieve. Jumping between the joists all the floor boards were crumbling like wet cardboard we finally made it down stairs
This place was in a mess personal belongings all over the place was exactly as all the police reports said
The hole in the roof was directly above the staircase this has caused the stairs to collapse and rot away leaving just the hand rail
Downstairs was in a state more like a decaying building site piles of bricks / rubble and holes in walls etc.
Downstairs we found hmp prison sacks full of fan mail and Christmas cards addressed to Tony Martins jail cell there was thousands in the bags. The letters all showing support for him had come from all over the world
Also found a letter dated 1989 about Mr Martins shotguns from a local police station and also his shot gun licence renal form dated 1991
looking round the walls near the bottom of the stairs can see marks from the shot gun shots lots of small lead balls stuck in the plaster
Climbing back out all the rooms were to dangerous to go inside the floors are collapsing but could see his bedroom still set up and all his cloths and personal stuff sitting there going rotten
As we started to climb down the ladder could hear someone coming through the woods standing dead still on the edge of the roof we see Mr Martin in the flesh (recognized him from pics online) he walked strait past didn’t even notice the ladder the second he was out of sight we rushed down the ladder and legged it in the opposite direction not wanting a repeat of previous events at this house.

In a interview mid November 2018 Mr Martin said the house was sealed up by the police in 1999 and they have the keys
He also said no one has been inside for 19 years
The last time he was inside the house was the night of the shooting and has never set foot in ever since although still living next door in a different house.
There is one door to get in the house like the metal ones they put on abandoned pubs when they get sheeted up had so many spider webs on the back can tell has not been opened for a long time
In 2000 during the murder trial the jury visited the house so guess the police dropped off the bags of fan mail then

Reading all the police reports the house was in a run down derelict state at the time of the shootings Mr Martin only lived in one room with his dogs upstairs the only room that had working power

As you can see between the April and November pictures someone has cleared most the ivy off the house

Even the broken glass from the window is still on the floor that the burglars smashed to get in

2 weeks after the explore a story popped up on the daily mail website saying farmer Tony Martins farm targeted by burglars again If you reading this Tony we were not burglars we are fans of yours and are very fascinated by your story nothing was damaged and nothing was stolen

After the story in the daily mail I’m sure the ladder would have been removed so there is no way in unless you have a really long ladder all the windows are covered on the inside and outside and the place is literally falling down is a death trap.

Feel really bad for this guy after seeing all the buildings rundown and over grown all thanks to a couple of burglars

Pictures all taken by me and i do not give any one permission to use them

Spent aprox an hour and half inside most of that time reading the fan mail only a small explore but loads of history behind this place it was all over the news for months in 1999-2000

Explored with @Andyexplorer

Not the best of pictures as was pitch black inside
But Enjoy


From the road

Private farm track

House of bones

Rusting farm machinery

Farm buildings

Upstairs bone house

Animal teeth

Downstairs bone house

Driveway to bleak house

Bleak house

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That's a good report, the letters & shotgun liscense are excellent!
Does he live close do u know? Id like a look in there but that's a serious risk if he does & admits he "dosent know how he would react" to someone being in there!
Although I m assuming he dosent have a shotgun now lol


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Well done for getting out there and bringing something new to the forum.

Not sure it warrants so many photos though. 10+ externals of buildings you didn't get into, 10 of unopened mail from different angles and several virtual duplicates is more than the norm on here. Maybe be a bit more selective next time?
The norm is between 10 and 30 photos.


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Remember this case very well and public opinion being very split at the time. So risky explore given the history of this place. Fascinating report. Fairly unextraodinary derp but location of some fairly extraordinary goings on. Can't really see this place being targeted by burglars nowadays as there's nothing left to steal.
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Nice one. Really good report from an interesting place.. (cant say that about many houses!)

The Tony Martin case is actually really relevant to UE nowadays. All the goons out thier poking about people's private property like they own it are asking for a repeat and to be fair even tho what he did was clearly illegal you can't really blame him..


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So Tony claims he hasn’t been inside since the killing... his fan mail just teleported there did it?


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So Tony claims he hasn’t been inside since the killing... his fan mail just teleported there did it?
Quite possible someone who was looking after his house while inside left it for his return. Certainly doesn’t look like much was done with it given it’s mostly unopened and in bags still!


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Interesting report, cheers. I’ve driven past a few times but never gone in... always imagined a rifle set up on a rope as a booby trap. Used to drink in the same local as TM years ago, remember seeing him having a pint when he was released after the shooting. It’s interesting to note the state of the house from the crime scene pic at the time too. And those bones.... ?
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