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Report - BLETCHLEY PARK, March 2014


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hello all,
so me and a friend of mine took full advantage of the close to tropic weather we had this weekend and headed down to Bletchley park. when we arrived we were both shocked at the scale of the site! Eager to get inside and explore we cracked on!

brief history,
we all know about the codebreakers and the huge part that Bletchley park played in the war, but post war this site was filled with large modern buildings with central heating. As a result of this there was large competition from companies, Two of largest occupants in the post-war period were the General Post Office (GPO), later British Telecom, and a Teacher Training College. The latter, established as an Emergency College in the late 1940s, remained on site as a permanent College until the mid 1970s; for most of this time occupying Blocks A, B and E. The GPO/BT was the largest occupant of the site, using Blocks G, F and H as a regional training school from the 1940s until 1993. The Teacher Training College, by contrast constructed little, but shaped the character of the central area of the site to a certain extent. The College carried out minor external alterations to Blocks A, B and E, demolished Hut 7 and more radically altered the wartime Teleprinter Building, converting it into an Assembly Hall during the 1950s. It created the garden behind Block B, where Hut 7 had stood and constructed a series of unpretentious classrooms around the periphery of this area. all in all the structures on this site demonstrate the mix of uses that the site was put to after the war and acting as a reminder that the Park was a highly sought after location for between 1946 and 1993 for business and education.

anyway hope you all enjoy!

oh and photo cred to my friend who took some of these pics.













The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Some nice shots of the light coming through the windows
looking forward to seeing more from you


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Oh my goodness!
I was here late last year on a trip to the National Museum of Computing! I had NO idea this was here. Oh, I so wish I had wandered off now. :(
Great photos!


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Who's the naughty boy that " gained access " to the previously boarded up block, in some of these pics ? See second from last picture.

I saw it, and that was a eye watering mooch, the whole place is full of old computers, and telecoms junk. And un vandalised, which I hope is the way it will stay, that area of the site has a load of work going on right now, so hopefully it will be saved. The rest is trashed beyond hope, pretty uninteresting, and looks due for demolition soon.


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28DL Full Member
i live literally a stones throw away from this place, i havent been inside for a few years! still looks good, although 50% of the site is now new flats, the police have been hot on Bletch park recently too, seen them scoping the place a fair few times recently! - Nice pics in here though! i am tempted to take another look, im determined to find the tunnel access, which i know for a fact is there 'cos i saw it about 10 years ago!

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