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Report - Bletchley park september 2013


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Bletchley park september 2013

Thank you for your email, received on Friday 6th September 2013, regarding the large brick built block at the north part of the Bletchley Park site.

The Building is Block D and there are no plans to demolish it. The long term plan is to restore the building and open it to the public.

Work on Block D started on the 11th May 1942 and was completed in January 1943 at a cost of £45,000. Block D had a net office area of approximately 40,000 square feet and at the time of construction was the largest building at Bletchley Park.

If you would like any more information on Block D or any of the Huts and Blocks at Bletchley Park there is a short report entitled "History of Bletchley Park Huts & Blocks 1939-45" that may be of interest to you.

If this is of interest to you it is available from our gift shop:

Pictures inside the two brick " H " blocks you can see on the far north of the site on Google earth 51.998813,-0.740897 before they demolish them.

All this part of the site is wide open, and surprisingly unvandalised so i expected fierce security, i found none, so it's a nice relaxed explore, though it's not any kind of once top secret area, it was possibly part of GCHQ before given over to British Telecom offices, and engineers training center,which closed in 1991. Any old paperwork i found lying about was Post office or BT .

The building site is empty on sundays, so your free of any security then. Though i doubt if they would give a crap anyway. Enter from Turing gate / Hinsley walk.


I would like to know just what they did in here, high power transformers, and extractor fans above the brick stalls. May be a soldering workshop ?




The only resident......

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