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Report - Bludgeoned Bungalow - Northwich - July 2019

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After visiting this building and coming out of the property, we got speaking to a couple of the locals and asked about the history of this place. Safe to say we were shock and surprised to find out the story behind this one.

The couple who had owned this property had been together for many years and built this bungalow from nothing around 1963 is when they moved into the property. It was yet another busy day for the window cleaners, when being paid at this property it is usually the wife who answers and pays the window cleaners, but on this occasion they were paid by the husband but something wasn't quite right. Usually it's the wife who pays and speaks to the window cleaners, they thought this was suspicious and noticed that he had blood stains on his pyjamas which the husband blamed on a nose bleed. But the window cleaners weren't happy with this and made some of the neighbours aware.

Later on that same day a neighbour visited asking for the wife which the husband replied that she was out at a friend's, so the neighbour replied that they would be back to see her later on. Once the neighbour returned later on in the day asking for the wife again, he finally admitted that she was dead and he didn't know what to do.

It is though that the couple had an argument over a utility bill which initiated the incident. The incident had gotten out of hand and initiated to violence where the husband had used his walking stick to beat his wife.
It is though that the body had been lay there a day or two before she was discover by window cleaners. After police had investigated the murder it is thought that there was a long list of abuse in the relationship. Neighbours often spotted marks and bruised on Hazel which they both passed off as being accidents such as having a trip or a fall. The couple didn't have any children so this may be the reason for the building being derelict. We were informed by the locals that the husband had died in prison around Christmas time. So now the property is up for sale apparently under offer. Rumors say that they are on about putting 5 or 6 housed on this plot of land and knock down the current bungalow

The Explore

It was a very calm and relaxed visit to this property which I had spotted via maps several days before. Turned out to be a very good find indeed with such a massive shocking back story of the property which we were not aware of until we had come out of the property. Lots of original content left in the building and was not trashed, looks like things had been moved around not sure if anyone else has been to this property, anyway enjoy the pictures I caught.




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Have you got a link or something to the news article surrounding this ABANDONED MURDEERS BUNGALOW


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Well that history took a turn, thought they'd of died together after years in this house but nope, how wrong I was

Great set of pics and info


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28DL Member
A goon you say I don’t understand this I am here solely to make good
Videos I’m not going there to wreck anything nor am I going there to show the location I’m just trying to make good content I feel as if that should be accepted


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Yes, can we be a bit more helpful than calling new members goons please!

I’ve already pointed out the thread needs it’s proper name, we don’t typically use codenames and this place does indeed have a proper location name, I’ll edit it accordingly later.

As for videos, the majority of users are not in favour of them so rather than clutter up the main forum within them I setup a dedicated group for them to keep everyone happy. You’re more than welcome to join said group and post them in there.

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